What can RE Insight do for you?

    When compared to other industries, real estate has historically struggled with transparency in transactions, operations and technology. RE Insight works to improve transparency through a series of initiatives: we partner with leaders in our space to share their thoughts about what makes them successful, where their companies are heading, and how we can help them succeed; we host industry meetings; we share insightful studies; we distribute knowledge; and, most of all, we remain committed to helping our industry move forward. We welcome you to join us on this journey.

RE Insight Podcasts

The RE Insight Podcast series are open discussions with leaders in the real estate space. Our hope is to provide some unique insights into their backgrounds, what has made them successful and where they see the space and their companies going. We are grateful for their leadership in the industry and appreciate their time to share insights to the broader real estate market place.

Denise Taylor
Global CIO
Brian Harper
President & CEO
Constance Freedman
Founder & Managing Partner
Riggs Kubiak
Bob Courteau
Jodie McLean
Mary Lou Fiala & Susan Overton

Ragnar Lifthrasir
Founder & CEO
Patrick Ghilani
Sandeep Mathrani
Ric Clark
Senior Managing Partner
Mark Rose
Chairman & CEO
Brandon Weber
CoFounder & CPO
David Neithercut
President & CEO
Anant Yardi
Founder & CEO

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